From first-year students beginning to explore a future in STEM, or a Ph.D. candidate passionate about infusing academics with real-world expertise and insight, we provide students with opportunities to enhance their experience beyond the classroom.

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Building Connections

Kummer Student Programs is building powerful connections that join the classroom with the ever-evolving world of innovation. One of the ways we’re doing that is by pairing alumni with students to guide and mentor them as they expand their idea of what it means to be an innovator.

From mentoring a Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellow through the Ph.D. journey to leading small groups grounded in our focus areas, the opportunities for you to have an impact are endless.

Our 5 areas of focus:
  • Entrepreneurship: conceiving, designing and building systems that create economic and social value.
  • Social responsibility: evaluating impact for the betterment of society.
  • Research: questioning the status quo, reevaluating what we think we know and then learning more.
  • Design and build: translating the abstract into systems that add value to the world.
  • Leadership: uniting people behind a common goal.

Interested in supporting students?

If you have an idea for how your experience and insight can contribute to student learning in any of the five areas of focus, please contact Dr. Rachel Kohman, director of Kummer Student Programs.

Email  573-341-6230